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About Softscaping

Both softscaping and hardscaping are vital elements in all landscape design. Good landscape design utilizes both to best advantage in creating the overall effect and functionality required by the client while also addressing location and site characteristics or restrictions.

Softscaping employs the use of horticultural (living plant) material to create "permanent landscape features" by using grasses, trees, shrubs, and perennials and also temporary features using tender perennials and annuals. Hence the reason it is referred to as "soft" scaping. Along with adding colour, texture, and visual interest, softscaping is also used to help control erosion; create wind breaks and privacy; attract insects and wildlife to garden spaces; and clean pollution from the air we breath. 

In areas of adequate rainfall, most residential landscapes have traditionally featured a lot of softscaping with lawns being the most prominent soft element employed. Trees and shrubs also figure in very importantly as do flower (and vegetable) beds for added colour and contrasting textures. In low rainfall areas, in addition to using drought tolerant trees and plants, hardscaping often replaces softscaping to reduce watering needs.

As they usually focus on greater functionality and lower upkeep, commercial landscapes often feature considerably less softscaping and far more hardscaping than residential landscaping. Having to provide parking and accessibility in all weather conditions also greatly influences the landscape design decisions for commercial clients. Softscaping lives up to its name with commercial design and is a vital element to "soften" the harsh and barren appearance that too much hardscaping can bring to a property.

The advantages of softscaping and hardscaping in overall landscape design can be very similar, the difference lays in the way it is accomplished. For example, both softscaping and hardscaping offers the significant advantage of providing wind breaks and privacy; softscaping will utilize trees, large shrubs, and hedges while hardscaping accomplishes it with walls, fencing, trellising, or other man-made structure. The resulting landscape effect is totally different but accomplishes the same end result - more privacy and less wind !

What We Offer

We offer residential, commercial, and institutional clients comprehensive landscape design and installation services with a focus on creating an effective balance between softscaping and hardscaping .

Our softscaping services include:

  • Garden design and installation
  • A focus on creating visual interest with layered heights and by using complementary textures and colours
  • Lawn installation or repairs including hydroseeding, sod, or broadcast seeding
  • Tree and shrub planting or removal
  • Full groundskeeping services to keep your landscaping looking its best
  • Professional tree, hedge and shrub pruning and shaping
  • Mulching shrub and flower beds to control weeds and conserve water. We use high-quality natural dark brown bark mulch (regular or double grind)
  • Major landscape clean ups at any time of the year but especially important in Spring and Fall
  • Lawn mowing, line trimming and professional edging
  • Lawn Care Programs to promote healthy turf
  • Excavation services to grade, slope or level to prep for landscaping installation or to address drainage issues
  • Drainage remediation to address wet soggy areas that affect enjoyment of your property or pose a risk to foundations
  • Supply and deliver screened topsoil, premium garden soil, compost, bark mulch, peat and sand for your gardening projects.     

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Advantages of Softscaping

  • Adds architectural interest or drama to your landscaping
  • Used to create distinct outdoor living spaces or outdoor "rooms"
  • Erosion control offered by tree, plant, grass roots
  • Superb for controlling water run-off as roots catch and help filter debris
  • Trees and plants contribute to soil fertility and vital ecosystems
  • Attracts beneficial insects and supports vital wildlife habitat 
  • Adds visual interest by manipulating the perception of depth and width
  • Ability to manipulate contrast by using variety of textures and colours
  • Effectively soften hardscaping making it more visually appealing
  • Excellent options for creating or increasing privacy
  • Helps create quiet spaces by reducing noise transmission
  • Provides shade and protection from wind and weather
  • Used to define property lines and landscape features
  • Used to create transition zones and landscape unity
  • Make areas appear larger or smaller than they actually are
  • Hides unsightly objects or views
  • Reduces watering and upkeep requirements when appropriate planting material used
  • Effective natural air purifier - grasses, trees and plants remove considerable amounts of carbon dioxide and man-made pollutants from the air.
  • Helps to keep surrounding areas cool as does not absorb and hold heat as most hardscaping can.
  • Add valuable curb appeal and increase equity
  • Improve the overall quality of our lives and our local ecosystem 

Note: Please consider not using plants with a reputation for invasiveness that can negatively impact our local ecosystems. Please research a plant before you buy to ensure you do not contribute to a growing problem across Canada.          READ MORE HERE ABOUT INVASIVE SPECIES.                                                        READ MORE HERE ABOUT ATTRACTING BENEFICIAL INSECTS


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